Kundalini Yoga Benefits are Now Available Online

Practicing yoga is not just exercising. There is much more to it. Yoga is a journey for both the body and the spirit. In particular, a Kundalini awakening through yoga can awaken your own inner power. Awakening the Kundalini energy is best explored with an experienced teacher, such as Guru Rattana or Maya Fiennes. With their guidance, you can fully experience the many Kundalini Yoga benefits. These benefits include:

1. A wonderful initial change in your being. You’ll feel more aware of your energy levels and your senses. You’ll also feel more content with your life.

2. A balance of your body’s energy centers, known as “chakras”. The Kundalini energy is like a snake, rising up the spine and untying all of the knots in your chakras. This balance will help to improve your outlook on life and make you feel more balanced, making you willing and able to take on what life deals to you.

3. Physical health benefits. Kundalini awakening improves memory and creates clear thinking. Decisions are made more easily. Physical strength is also improved. Physical healing is enhanced, and you might even experience healing for stomach, throat, liver, and kidney problems.

In fact, when the Kundalini energy is awakened, balance is brought to the entire body, soul, and mind. You become equipped to take control of your emotions, rather than letting your emotions take over. This kind of contentment opens the gates for a spiritual awakening, an experience of higher consciousness. You’ll feel empowered and capable of fulfilling your highest potential.

Kundalini meditation can help you arrive at achieving this potential. It is simply a practice of being in touch with your mind and energy. It involves the use of sacred sounds, or mantras, and the use of breath, or pranayama. Mantras and pranayama are tools used to focus the mind and keep it from running amok during meditation. Silent chanting is considered the use of divine sounds. Kundalini Yoga incorporates these special sounds and breath control to lead you safely into deep meditations.

Because this path involves spiritual guidance, in addition to the use of postures to strengthen the body, seek a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher. You’ll find online lessons, books, CDs, and DVDs to help guide your way at yogatech.com. There, you can experience teachings by Guru Rattana, Maya Fiennes, and of course, Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga benefits to the West in 1969.

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